Word Of The Day | Supine | English Language | Daily Vocab 30/08

Word Of The Day | Supine | English Language | Daily Vocab 30/08

(of a person) lying face upwards Or failing to act or protest as a result of moral weakness or indolence.

Origin: c. 1500, “lying on the back,” from Latin supinus “bent backwards, thrown backwards, lying on the back,” figuratively “inactive, indolent,” from PIE *(s)up- (see sub-). The grammatical use for “Latin verbal noun formed from the past participle stem” (mid-15c.) is from Late Latin supinum verbum “supine verb,” perhaps so called because, though furnished with a noun case ending, it “falls back” on the verb. Related: Supinely.

Synonyms: prone(झुका हुआ), recumbent(लेटा हुआ), prostrate(साष्टांग दण्डवत्), spineless(कंधे झुका)

Antonyms: upright(सीधा), straight(सीधा), vertical(लंबवत), perpendicular(सीधा)

Trick: Joey yoga k bad savasana karna hai, jo ki supine position hoti hai.

Word Uses:
1. Another man lay supine on the golf path, which was littered with loose acorns and bark. एक अन्य व्यक्ति गोल्फ पथ पर लापरवाह था, जो बलूत और छाल से अटे पड़े थे।

New York Times Aug 24, 2019

2. The harvest of the Koch brothers’ innovation is an American political system that lies supine at the feet of moneyed interests. कोच भाइयों के नवाचार की फसल एक अमेरिकी राजनीतिक प्रणाली है जो धन के हितों के आधार पर लापरवाह है।

Los Angeles Times Aug 23, 2019

3. I fell back, supine on the scuffed floor of the dance room, and stared up at the recessed lighting. मैं वापस गिर गया, डांस रूम के फर्श पर लापरवाह था, और पीछे मुड़कर प्रकाश को देखा।

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