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pertaining to beauty, concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.

Origin: 1798, from German Ästhetisch (mid-18c.) or French esthétique (which is from German), ultimately from Greek aisthetikos “of or for perception by the senses, perceptive,” of things, “perceptible,” from aisthanesthai “to perceive (by the senses or by the mind), to feel,” from PIE *awis-dh-yo-, from root *au- “to perceive.”

Synonyms: artful(कलात्मक), gorgeous(भव्य), creative(रचनात्मक), artistic(कलात्मक)

Antonyms: ugly(बदसूरत), unattractive(अनाकर्षक), displeasing(नाराजगी), grotesque(विचित्र)

Trick:  Hemant k hotel room mountain or ocean view sath sath dikte hai, jo baut beautiful view tha.

Word Uses:
1. But it was hard for me to find fault with Sanchez’s underlying aesthetic principle: Popeyes fried chicken is fantastic. लेकिन सांचेज के अंतर्निहित सौंदर्य सिद्धांत के साथ गलती खोजना मेरे लिए कठिन था: पोप फ्राइड का चिकन शानदार था।

The New Yorker Aug 20, 2019

2. Lindsay was attracted to the aesthetic of spectacular violence, even as she seemed not at all interested in the practicalities of planning such an act. लिंडसे शानदार हिंसा के सौंदर्य से आकर्षित हुईं, यहां तक कि उन्हें इस तरह के कार्य की योजना बनाने की व्यावहारिकता में कोई दिलचस्पी नहीं थी।

The Guardian Aug 20, 2019

3. His eye for aesthetics is why Kubey insisted on different signs for the “disappear” refrain. सौंदर्यशास्त्र के लिए उनकी आंख क्यों है क्यूब ने “गायब” के लिए अलग-अलग संकेतों पर जोर दिया।

Washington Post Aug 14, 2019


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