Study Notes : History

In all government examinations, whether civil services or defense services, history is the most important and common subject included in the question paper. These question papers include at least 5 to 15 questions from the history subject and in some specific exams, the number of such questions is more than 15 and sometimes 50+ as well. Thus, history has a very high weightage in some examinations especially NDA, CDS, and Civil Services. So, to practice it very well, you will look for many books online and offline for exams. Tesmus will be the best option among all options to get history study materials and notes.

History is divided into 3 categories: Ancient History, Medieval History, and Modern History. Categorizing this subject in 3 parts makes it easy for students and candidates to learn it easily and quickly. Since it is a theoretical subject, you need to revise it many times to remember the dates and events for a longer time. The history books for preparation of examinations are designed in such a way that you can easily learn all the major events that are usually asked in these exams.