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Russia Sends “Fedor” Its First Humanoid Robot Into Space | Current Affairs

  • Russia has launched an unmanned rocket carrying a life-size humanoid robot ‘Fedor’ that will spend 10 days learning to assist astronauts on the International Space Station.
  • Named Fedor, for Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research with identification number Skybot F850, the robot is the first ever sent up by Russia.
  • Fedor blasted off in a Soyuz MS-14 spacecraft at 6:38 am Moscow time (0338 GMT) from Russia’s Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The Soyuz is set to dock with the space station on Saturday and stay till September 7.
  • The silvery anthropomorphic robot stands 1.80 metres (5 foot 11 inches) tall and weighs 160 kilograms (353 pounds).

Fedor not the first:

  • Fedor is not the first robot to go into space.
  • In 2011, NASA sent up Robonaut 2, a humanoid robot developed with General Motors and a similar aim of working in high-risk environments.
  • It was flown back to Earth in 2018 after experiencing technical problems.
  • In 2013, Japan sent up a small robot called Kirobo along with the ISS’s first Japanese space commander. Developed with Toyota, it was able to hold conversations — albeit only in Japanese.
About Russia:
  • President: Vladimir Putin
  • Prime Minister: Dmitry Medvedev
  • Capital: Moscow
  • Currency: Russian ruble
Important Possible questions based on above News:
  1. What is the name of the first humanoid robot to be sent to space by Russia? Fedor
  2. What is the expanded form of ‘Fedor’, Russia’s first Humanoid Robot to go into space? Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research
  3. Which space agency has sent an unmanned rocket carrying a life-size humanoid robot ‘Fedor’ to space? Roscosmos (Russian space agency)


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