रूस ने अवनगार्ड हाइपरसोनिक मिसाइल को सेना में शामिल किया

Russia deploys first Avangard hypersonic missiles into service: 28.12.2019

Points to Remember:

  • Russia has deployed the first hypersonic missile Avangard. Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu has informed President Vladimir Putin about the deployment of Avangard. This information was released in the official statement.
  • According to the media reports, the direction of this missile can be changed even in the air. It caught the speed of Mach 27, which is equivalent to about 33,000 kilometers per hour, during the test. This is the first of its kind missile in the world. This missile can’t be caught by any radar.

What is Hypersonic Missile?

  • Hypersonic missiles are actually hypersonic glided missiles. It includes features of both cruise and ballistic missiles. It goes out of the Earth’s atmosphere into a parabolic path and enters the Earth’s atmosphere again. It flies low in the atmosphere and almost unable to intercept. At present, Russia, USA and China have the capacity of hypersonic missiles.

Important Possible questions based on above News:

  1. Which country has recently announced the induction of Avanguard hypersonic missile into service? Russia

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