Reasoning Quiz of the Day-II

Reasoning Quiz of the Day – II For SSC MTS 2019-20 : 24-08-2019

Direction Q.(1-5) Study the following information carefully and answer the question given below.
Six family members i.e. Piyush, Qamini, Ritik, Soumya, Triveni and Umesh were born either on 14th or 20st in three different months i.e. January, September and October but not necessarily in same order. Piyush who is father in law of Soumya, born on the month which has 31 days. Neither Umesh nor Triveni born on the month which has 30 days. Mother of Ritik born at 20st September. Triveni who was born at 14th of the month, is sister in law of Ritik who was born at 20st of the month. There are two persons born between Ritik and Triveni. Soumya is sister of Triveni. No
one born after Umesh who is son of Ritik.

Q.1 Who was born on 20th January?
(1) Piyush

(2) Ritik

(3) Soumya

(4) Triveni

(5) None of these


Q.2 How many persons are born between Piyush and Umesh?
(1) None

(2) Two

(3) Three

(4) One

(5) None of these


Q.3 Who was born just after Soumya?
(1) Triveni

(2) Umesh

(3) Ritik

(4) Piyush

(5) Qamini

Q.4 Who is born between Piyush and Ritik?
(1) No one

(2) Soumya

(3) Umesh

(4) Triveni

(5) None of these


Q.5 Which of the following option is true?
(1) Qamini is sister of Piyush
(2) Ritik is grand-father of Umesh
(3) Triveni is sister-in-law of Soumya
(4) Umesh is uncle pf Soumya
(5) None is true


Direction Q.(6-10) Study the following information carefully to answer the questions given below.

Eight persons i.e. Gayatri, Harshita, Ishijaka, Joseph, Kalpana, Lavish, Manyata and Naveen are sitting around two inscribed square table in such a way that four persons sit at middle of the sides of each inner and outer square. Persons sitting at inner square faces the persons sit at outer square. Joseph sits immediate right of the person who faces Lavish. Lavish is an immediate neighbour of Kalpana, who doesn’t face Joseph. Manyata faces the person who sits immediate left of Kalpana. Gayatri is neither an immediate neighbour of Joseph nor Lavish. Harshita sits immediate right of the person who faces Gayatri. Naveen doesn’t face Gayatri and is not an immediate neighbour of Gayatri. Ishijaka faces outside.


Q.6 Who is sitting between Ishijaka and Manyata? (counting from the left of Ishijaka)
(1) Joseph

(2) Naveen

(3) Kalpana

(4) Gayatri

(5) None of these


Q.7 The person who face Joseph, is immediate right of which one?
(1) Harshita

(2) Lavish

(3) Kalpana

(4) Manyata

(5) None of these


Q.8 Who sits opposite to Gayatri in inner square?
(1) Ishijaka

(2) Lavish

(3) Joseph

(4) Harshita

(5) None of these


Q.9 The person who sits in front of Lavish, is site immediate right of which person?
(1) Ishijaka

(2) Gayatri

(3) Joseph

(4) Manyata

(5) None of these


Q.10 Four of the following five are alike in a certain way based on their position. Which one of the following does not belongs to that group?
(1) Harshita

(2) Ishijaka

(3) Naveen

(4) Kalpana

(5) Lavish





Ans.1(2)    Ritik


Ans.3(5)    Qamini

Ans.4(1)    No one     



Ans.6(1)    Joseph

Ans.7(1)     Harshita   

Ans.8(3)    Joseph     

Ans.9(2)    Gayatri     

Ans.10(2)  Ishijaka




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