Maths Quiz of the Day – II For SSC MTS : 21-08-2019

Q1.   A Boat takes 66 2/3% more time upstream than that of downstream to cover a certain distance. While difference between the speed of downstream and upstream is 10 km/hr. speed of the boat in still water is:-

(A) 23 km/hours

(B) 24 km/hours

(C) 20 Km/hours

(D) 25km/hours

Q2.   If x and y are complementary angles, then the value of sinx cosy + cosx siny- tanx tany+sec2x-cot2y =?

(A) 1

(B) -1

(C) 2

(D) 0

Q3.   find the sum of factors of 14000 is-

(A) 5428

(B) 38688

(C) 32128

(D) 30180

Q4.   A batsman, in his 12th innings, makes a score of 63 runs and there by increased his average score by 2 runs. The average of his score after 12th innings is-

(A) 41

(B) 42

(C) 34

(D) 35

Q5. The amount of work in a factory is increased by 50%. By what % is it necessary to increase the number of workers to complete the new amount of work in planned time, If the new labour is 25% more efficient.

(A) 60%

(B) 66.66%


(D) 33.33%

Q6.   Three spheoical balls of radius 1cm,2cm and 3cm are melted to form a single spherical ball. In the process the loss of material is 25%, then the radius of new ball is-

(A) 6cm

(B) 5 cm

(C) 3 cm

(D) 2 cm

Q7.   A lend Rs.16000 on simple interest for 3 years at 7 ½ % per annum. How much more should have A gained, had A given it at compound interest at the same rate and for the same time?

(A) Rs399.20

(B) Rs 290.20

(C) Rs298.20

(D) none of these.

Q8.   A tank is to be filled with water through five pipes. The first pipe can fill it in 1 hour, the second,the third and the fourth together can fill it in 15 minutes; the second,the third and the fifth fill it in 20 minutes, the fourth and the fifth together in half an-hour. In what time will the tank be filled if all time will the tank be filled if all the five pipes work simultaneously?

(A) 11 1/13 minute

(B) 9 3/13minute

(C) 4 1/13minute

(D) 8 1/13minute

Q9.   A Boat is being rowed away from a cliff 150 m high. At the top of the cliff the angle of depression of the boot changes from 60o to 45o in 2 minutes. The Speed of the boat is .

(A) 4.5 km/hr

(B) 1.9 km/hr

(C)2.4 km/hr

(D) 3 km/hr

Q10. An item was bought at Rs x  and sold at Rs y, there by earning a profit of 20% Had the value of x been 15% less and the value of y Rs 76 less, a profit of 30% would have been earned. What was the value of x ?

(A) Rs 640

(B) Rs 400

(C) Rs 600

(D) Rs 800



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