3 दिनों के लिए महाराष्ट्र सीएम, देवेंद्र फडणवीस ने दिया फ्लोर टेस्ट से पहले इस्तीफा

Maharashtra CM for 3 Days, Devendra Fadnavis Resigns Ahead of Floor Test

Points to Remember:

  • Three days after he was sworn in, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis announced his resignation, saying the BJP no longer has majority after his deputy, NCP’s Ajit Pawar, quit citing “personal reasons”.
  • Ajit Pawar, who only last week crossed over to the BJP camp and was sworn in along with Fadnavis in the early hours of Saturday morning, resigned earlier in the day.
  • Fadnavis made the announcement a day ahead of the floor test his government was supposed to face on Wednesday as per the Supreme Court’s directions.


  • Devendra Fadnavis’ second tenure as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra has turned out to be one of the shortest in Indian history but the distinction of shortest tenure as a Chief Minister goes to Jagdambika Pal.
  • In 1998, after the Kalyan Singh government in Uttar Pradesh was dismissed, Pal was sworn in as the Chief Minister late at night on February 21, a decision that was reversed by the High Court the next morning, leading him to be dubbed as “the one-day CM”.
Important Possible questions based on above News:
  1. Who has recently resigned as Maharashtra chief minister? Devendra Fadnavis

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