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Knowledge Bytes(English) For SBI Clerk Mains 2019 : 24-08-2019

1. Name the interim CEO of NDTV, who has resigned from her role with immediate effect?
Ans.Suparna Singh

2. What does NDTV stands for?
Ans.New Delhi Television Limited

3. Which countrty has been placed on the blacklist of the Financial Action Task Force’s Asia Pacific Group recently?

4. Who is the current President of Pakistan?
Ans.Arif Alvi

5. Who is the current President of Financial Action Task Force?
Ans.Xiangmin Liu

6. Recently, Discovery India and which organisation have partnered with the Forest Directorate, the government of West Bengal and local communities in the Sundarbans?
Ans.WWF India

7. Where is the headquarters of Discovery India situated?

8. What is the expanded form of WWF, international organization committed to conservation of the environment?
Ans.World Wide Fund for Nature

9. What is the name of the first humanoid robot to be sent to space by Russia?

10. What is the expanded form of ‘Fedor’, Russia’s first Humanoid Robot to go into space?
Ans.Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research

11. Which space agency has sent an unmanned rocket carrying a life-size humanoid robot ‘Fedor’ to space?
Ans.Roscosmos (Russian space agency)

12. Who has been appointed as India’s new batting coach?
Ans.Vikram Rathour

13. Who is the current Bowling coach of the Indian national cricket team?
Ans.Bharath Arun

14. In context to recurring payments via PPIs, what will be the new timing of transfer of funds through RTGS facility?
Ans.7am to 8pm

15. What is the threshold limit of recurring transactions on cards up to which no charge is levied as per the recent announcement by RBI?
Ans.Rs. 2000

16. Who has been appointed as new home secretary of India?
Ans.Ajay Kumar Bhalla

17. Rajasthan has decided to provide ___ of free water to individuals in 13 desert districts.
Ans.70 litres

18. Who is the current governor of Rajasthan?
Ans.Kalyan Singh


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