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Knowledge Bytes(English) For SBI Clerk Mains 2019 : 23-08-2019

1. The first edition of ‘The Diary of Manu Gandhi’ is edited and translated by whom?
Ans.Dr Tridip Suhrud

2. What is the expanded form of ‘NISHTHA’, Teachers Training Programme by HRD ministry

Ans.National Initiative for School Heads’ and Teachers’ Holistic Advancements

3. Who is the current HRD minister?
Ans.Ramesh Pokhriyal

4. Name the Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, who recently passed away?
Ans.Babulal Gaur

5. Who is the current chief minister of Madhya Pradesh?
Ans.Kamal Nath

6. From which date on-wards, Indian Railways has decided to ban single-use plastic materials?

Ans.October 2, 2019

7. The Ministry of Railways has directed all railway units to ban single-use plastic materials with less than ___ thickness.
Ans.50 microns

8. Khumbu Pasang Lhamu municipality, which is home to Mount Everest, has recently banned single-use plastic below:
Ans..30 microns

9. Who is the current Prime minister of Nepal?
Ans.Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli

10. Which state government has approved the appointment of women drivers for the state government and PSU vehicles?

11. Who is the current Chief Minister of Kerala?
Ans.Pinarayi Vijayan

12. ‘She-Taxi’was the initiative of which state government?

13. Who has topped the Forbes’ list of World’s Highest-Paid male Actors Of 2019?
Ans.Dwayne Johnson

14. According to Forbes, who is Bollywood’s top-earning male star in 2019?
Ans.Akshay Kumar

15. Who has been appointed as the next Cabinet Secretary for a tenure of two years?
Ans.Rajiv Gauba

16. From which year, the Cabinet Secretary’s term length was extended to a maximum of four years?


17 . Who has been appointed as the new Defence Secretary? 

Ans.Ajay Kumar

18. Who has been appointed as Secretary of Department of Defence Production? 

Ans.Subash Chandra

19. Who has been appointed as Secretary to the Lokpal? 

Ans.Brij Kumar Agarwal


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