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Knowledge Bytes(English) For IBPS Clerk Mains 2019-20: 04-12-2019

Knowledge Bytes(English) For IBPS Clerk Mains 2019-20: 04-12-2019


1. Who recently won the men’s Ballon d’Or award for a record sixth time? Lionel Messi

2. Who won 2019 women’s Ballon d’Or award? Megan Rapinoe

3. Who became new President of European Commission? Ursula von der Leyen

4. Who is the first woman to hold the EU’s top job as President of the European Commission, which has officially begun its new five-year term recently? Ursula von der Leyen

5. Name the first Arab nation to take over the G20 presidency? Saudi Arabia

6. Recently from which country Saudi Arabia has taken over the G20 Presidency? Japan

7. Who has been appointed as the new Controller General of Accounts (CGA)? Soma Roy Burman

8. Indo-Sri Lankan joint Military & Army Exercise ‘Mitra Shakti 2019’ has recently started in which city? Pune

9. Which edition of joint military & Army Exercise Mitra Shakti 2019 has recently begun in Pune? 7th

10. Mitra Shakti 2019 is the joint military & Army Exercise between India and which country? Sri Lanka

11. Who recently won Abu Dhabi Grand Prix? Lewis Hamilton

12. Shelley Morrison, who died recently, was the famous actress of which country? America

13. Which country has become the first to make the entire process for pilgrims going on Haj completely digital? India

14. Name the mobile app, which has been developed for the health facility of pilgrims going to Haj? E-MASIHA

15. What E-MASIHA stands for? E-Medical Assistance System for Indian Pilgrims Abroad

16. Which edition of the annual Hornbill Festival has started in Nagaland? 20th

17. Hornbill Festival is a celebration held every year in ___. Nagaland

18. Hornbill Festival, which is celebrated every year in Nagaland, is also known as__. Festival of Festivals

19. Who recently won gold in women’s 55kg category at the Senior Wrestling National Championships in Jalandhar? Vinesh Phogat

20. Who won gold in women’s 62kg category at the Senior Wrestling National Championships? Sakshi Malik



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