केकेआर इंडिया के प्रमुख संजय नायर ने कॉफी डे एंटरप्राइजेज बोर्ड से स्तीफ़ा दिया

KKR India chief Sanjay Nayar quits Coffee Day Enterprises board

Points to Remember:

  • KKR India chief executive Sanjay Nayar has resigned from the board of Coffee Day Enterprises Ltd, the operator of the Café Coffee Day chain, and its subsidiary Coffee Day Global Ltd.
  • Nayar had joined the coffee chain’s board after KKR’s investment in the company in 2010.
  • The private equity firm owns a 6.07% stake in Coffee Day.
  • Note: Separately, Coffee Day Enterprises had appointed IDFC Securities Ltd to explore divestment opportunities for the group as well as to refinance its existing debt

About CCD:

  • Café Coffee Day is an Indian café chain. It is a subsidiary of Coffee Day Enterprises Limited.
  • Founder: V. G. Siddhartha
  • Founded: 1993
  • Headquarters: Bengaluru
  • Parent organization: Coffee Day Enterprises
Important Possible questions based on above News:
  1. Name the KKR India chief who has resigned from the board of Coffee Day Enterprises Ltd? Sanjay Nayar
  2. Name the founder of CCD who has started its business in 1993 in Bengaluru? V.G.Siddhartha

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