अब भारतीयों को ब्राज़ील जाने के लिए नहीं होगी वीज़ा की ज़रूरत

Indians Will No Longer Require Visas to Visit Brazil: 25.10.2019

Points to Remember:

  • Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said that the country will drop its requirement that visiting Chinese and Indian tourists or businesspeople obtain visas.
  • Bolsonaro has made it a policy to reduce visa requirements from a number of developed countries.
  • The announcement is the first he has made expanding that policy to the developing world.
  • Earlier this year, the Brazilian government ended visa requirements for tourists and businesspeople from the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia. Those countries, however, have not in return dropped their visa requirements for Brazilian citizens.

About Brazil:

  • Capital: Brasília
  • President: Jair Bolsonaro
  • Currency: Real
Important Possible questions based on above News:
  1. Which country has announced that it will drop its visa requirement for visiting Chinese and Indian tourists? Brazil
  2. Who is the current President of Brazil? Jair Bolsonaro



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