ग्लोबल क्लाइमेट रिस्क इंडेक्स 2020: भारत 2018 में पांचवां सबसे अधिक प्रभावित देश है

Global Climate Risk Index 2020: India fifth most affected country in 2018

Points to Remember:

  • The Global Climate Risk Index 2020 released by environmental think tank Germanwatch ranked India the fifth most vulnerable nation to climate change.
  • The report suggested that the 2018 monsoon led to India fall from the fourteenth position in 2017 to fifth in 2018.
  • As per the study, the monsoon had forced over 220,000 people in Kerala to leave their homes.

Top ten most affected countries in 2018:

1 Japan

2 Philippines

3 Germany

4 Madagascar

5 India

6 Sri Lanka

7 Kenya

8 Rwanda

9 Canada

10 Fiji

Important Possible questions based on above News:
  1. According to the Global Climate Risk Index 2020, What is India’s rank among the climate-affected countries in 2018? Fifth
  2. According to the Global Climate Risk Index 2020, which is the most climate affected country in 2018? Japan

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