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General Awareness or General Knowledge is the most common subject included in the government exam syllabuses. History, Geography, and Polity are the major subjects of General Awareness. The content of each of these parts individually is very huge and there are only theories in these subjects. This makes the syllabus of the General Awareness section in any exam very vast and difficult to learn. Hence, Tesmus has designed some special General Awareness quizzes to cope with such situations.

These quizzes consist of most asked questions and important questions that are widely used in the question papers. Playing and guessing these quizzes are really fun and helpful as well. It helps you in enhancing your general awareness quickly. Alongside this, you can also test your general awareness ability after attempting these quizzes provided on the Tesmus website.

The general awareness quizzes will enable you to learn all historical events and dates, Indian politics, constitution and law, and the geographical concepts of India and foreign countries. Questions on these topics are always asked in the exams and hence it is proved to be one of the best ways to learn this subject quickly.

December 2019

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November 2019

Quiz 01 Quiz 02 Quiz 03 Quiz 04 Quiz 05 Quiz 06
Quiz 07 Quiz 08 Quiz 09 Quiz 10 Quiz 11 Quiz 12
Quiz 13 Quiz 14 Quiz 15 Quiz 16 Quiz 17 Quiz 18