Current Affairs Quiz (English) For RRB NTPC :22-08-2019

1. Who became first Indian in 18 years to win a Junior World Championship title? 

a) Hima Das

b) Vikas Gowda

c) Akhil Kumar

d) Deepak Punia

e) Abhivav Bindra


2. In which category, Deepak Punia won gold at the Junior World Championships in Talinn, Estonia recently? 

a) 65kg

b) 70kg

c) 75kg

d) 80kg

e) 86kg

3. Vidya Sinha, who recently passed away, she was a famous? 

a) Actress

b) Writer

c) Athlete

d) Singer

e) Politician

4. Which state has announced the creation of two new districts in the state? 

a) Andhra Pradesh

b) Tamil Nadu

c) Kerala

d) Karnataka

e) Assam

5. Who is the incumbent governor of Tamil Nadu? 

a) B D Mishra

b) Jagdish Mukhi

c) Banwari Lal Purohit

d) Vajubhai Vala

e) Lalji Tandon

6.Which year mark the 100th anniversary of liberation of South Korea from North Korea? 

a) 2020

b) 2025

c) 2035

d) 2045

e) 2050

7.What is the capital of South Korea? 

a) Moscow

b) Hanoi

c) Ankara

d) Seoul

e) Lima

8.Which company has announced to invest ₹83,000 crore in 25 major projects to boost production? 

a) TCS

b) RIL


d) ITC

e) Infosys


9. Who is the CEO of ONGC Ltd.? 

a) India Nooyi

b) Shashi Shanker

c) Shantanu Narayan

d) Pradeep Jain

e) Rajiv Bajaj


10. Recently which government has announced a package worth $2.4 billion for economic support in the region? 

a) Canada

b) Germany

c) Hong Kong

d) France

e) Swedon

Answers:- 1-(c), 2-(e), 3-(a), 4-(b), 5-(c), 6-(d), 7-(d), 8-(c), 9-(b),10-(c)


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