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We are Your Content Partner in making your brand a big Success

Philosophically we believe in making your brand a big success in your domain. Like other players we never impose our brand over your brand name or identity. Content, Mock tests, Magazine or short notes are the most important items to make a good Brand name but it takes lots of effort and time to be created and get regularly updated and it is a very costly affair as well. Establishing these services in-house for any individual coaching or institution is a herculean task and very difficult to manage. If you observe closely to the regular education institutes like schools or collages you will find that they never waste their time, Money or energy in all these activities. We are here to help you doing your business with ease and confidence without worrying about totally non-productive activities like content creation, Mock test (Off-line/On-Line) creation, Assignments, Magazine, quizzes, Current Affairs Boosters or short notes for your students. 

So enjoy our services and spend your quality time with your students and teachers for better services and teaching quality.







🍁 🖥 Tech Products E-Teaching Platform



📱 Live Class Technology & Setup
📱 Android App
📱 Online Test Portal

📱 Online Mock Tests
📱 Study Material (e-books, PDF & Word Format)

🍁 Offline Products

✒ Offline Mock Tests
Monthly CA Magazine
Monthly CA Booster
Daily CA Quiz
Daily GA Quiz
Exam Booster
Burning Topics Handouts
✒ GS Digest Of the Month
✒ White label Books

and many other items….



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Our Proud Partners

With its experience of more than 18 years TESMUS started content making for coaching centres from last one year, providing it with 100% customised branding for entities involved into coaching for Bank/SSC/Railway/Insurance/Teachers etc. TESMUS aims to expand its horizon for civil services and state level exams as well in near future.

Currently working with more than 200 coachings across nation and helping them create their own brand with strict quality control more to keep them ahead of competition with our best comprehensive content and services.

Content creation consumes more than 80% of their Time and Money and is not commensurate even with the 20% revenue share.

With our services we help the coaching institutes to minimise their Time and efforts to 0% and bringing down the content expenses less than 20% thereby increasing the profitability.

The satisfied customers, long term association and repeated assignments stands testimony to our commitment and delivery towards meeting expectations.