Banking Awareness Quiz of the Day

Banking Awareness Quiz For SBI PO Mains 2019: 27-08-2019

Banking Awareness Quiz For SBI PO Mains 2019: 27-08-2019

1. In which of the following bank, Punjab Co-operative Bank Ltd. gets merged in the year 1996?
b)Oriental Bank of Commerce
c)Indian Bank
e)Bank of Baroda

2. “Committee on Reforms in the Insurance Sector” which led to the formation of IRDA was headed by:
a)BK Roy
b)Shahnawaz Alam
c)R.N Malhotra
d)Bipin Awasthi
e)None of these

3. The famous Kathak dance is the classical dance form of which state?
a)Tamil Nadu
b)Uttar Pradesh
d)Andhra Pradesh

4. The “Global Money Laundering Report” is published by whom?
a)Asian Development Bank
b)Financial Action Task Force
c)Bank for International Settlement
d)World Bank
e)International Labour Organisation

5. What is the theme of 33rd ASEAN Summit held in Singapore?
a)Globalization 4.0: Shaping the global architecture
b)Rural Enterprise in India
c)Resilience and innovation
d)Improving Air Quality, Combatting Climate Change – Saving Lives
e)None of these

6. World of Work Report is published by whom?
c)World Bank

7. Consider the following statements and answer accordingly
A: Asian Development Outlook is published by ADB (Asian Development bank).
B: Global Money Laundering Report is published by FATF (Financial Action Task Force)
C: Change the World List Data is published by Fortune
a)Only A is true
b)Only B is true
c)Only C is true
d)A and B are true
e)All are true

8. Consider the following statements regarding Labels of ATM.
A: White Label ATM: Owned By Non Banks
B: Brown Label ATM: Owned By Banks
C: Green Label ATM: Provided for Agricultural Transactions
a)Only A is true
b)Only B is true
c)Only C is true
d)All are True
e)All are False

9. Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Limited(BRBNMPL) was set up in the year 1995, as the subsidiary of:
c)Minting Press
e)None of these

10. Which of the following condition doesn’t holds true for Current Account?
a)Payments can be done unlimited number of times.
b)Funds can be remitted from any part of the country to the corresponding account.
c)Total credit should not exceed 1Lakh rupees in a year.
d)Overdraft facility will be available.
e)Internet banking facility is available.

Answer:- 1(b), 2(c), 3(b), 4(b), 5(c), 6(e), 7(e), 8(d), 9(e), 10(c)


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