Banking Awareness Quiz of the Day

Banking Awareness Quiz For IBPS RRB PO Mains 2019 : 29-08-2019

Banking Awareness Quiz For IBPS RRB PO Mains 2019 : 29-08-2019

1. Name the parent bank of Lakshmi Commercial Bank Ltd?
a)ICICI Bank
b)Axis Bank
c)Canara Bank
d)Yes Bank
e)Kotak Mahindra Bank

2. In which year IRDA became an Autonomous body having its headquarter based in Hyderabad?

3. The famous Kuchipudi dance is the classical dance form of which state?
a)Tamil Nadu
b)Uttar Pradesh
d)Andhra Pradesh

4. The “World Development Report” is published by whom?
a)World Bank

5. Choose the following statement/s which is/are true regarding Payment Banks:
A: Payment banks can accept deposits (savings deposit & demand deposit) up to a maximum of 1 Lakh per individual customer
B: Payment banks can open savings as well as current accounts.
C: Payments bank cannot undertake lending activities.
D: The minimum capital requirement to set up a payment bank is 100 Crore.
a)A and B Only
b)B and C Only
c)A, B & C
d)C And D Only
e)All are true

6. Which part of Indian Constitution is also known as “Magna Carta” ?
a)Part X
b)Part VII
c)Part V
d)Part III
e)Part I

7. Consider the following statements and choose the wrong pair
a) Part VIII: Art. 239 to 242: The Union Territories
b) Part IX: Art. 243 to 243O: The Panchayats
c) Part IXA: Art. 243P to 243ZG: The Municipalities
d) Part IXB: Art. 243H to 243ZT: Elections
e) Part X: Art. 244 to 244A: The Scheduled and Tribal Areas

8. In context to Payment transfer, what does the term ‘C’ stands for in the abbreviation “NACH”?

9. Consider the following pairs and choose the wrong pair.
a) Evolutionary Phase (Prior to 1950)
b) Foundation Phase (1950 – 1968)
c) Expansion Phase (1968 – 1984)
d) Consolidation Phase ( 1984 – 1990)
e) Deformatory Phase ( Since 1990)

10. Consider the following statements
A: NRO ( Non-Resident Ordinary Rupees) Account: US dollar, Pound sterling, Yen, Euro, Australian dollar & Canadian dollar
B: NRE ( Non-Resident External Rupees) Account: Indian Rupees
C: FCNR ( Foreign Currency Non-Resident ) Account: Indian Rupees
a)Only A is true
b)Only B is true
c)Only C is true
d)All are true
e)All are false

Answer: 1(c),2(d),3(d),4(a), 5(e),6(d), 7(d), 8(c), 9(e), 10(d)


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