CDS 2019 Exam Preparation Books

Know about best books for the preparation of CDS exam

The Union Public Service Commission conducts the exam of CDS every year and ensures that the best people in India are recruited for the Indian Army. It is a well-known fact that everyone has a desire to join the Indian Army, but it is also important to choose the best from the lot.

  • It has made the competition level of the exam higher and thus, the candidates cannot take things for granted.
  • In such situations, you have to be on your toes and give your more than 100%.
  • Therefore, thorough preparation is required to clear the exam of CDS.

To be recruited as an Army, Navy, or Air Force officer, a candidate must go through three different stages. This procedure of selecting regular military candidates is very important for the committee and is very challenging. CDS 2 2019 test has the following pattern.

  • The written part of the CDS exam.
  • SSB interview once clears the exam.
  • Medical check-up before the interview session.
  • Merit list.

Please note that the UPSC test pattern for the 2019 CDS 2 exam is very different compared to previous test patterns and documentation. One can’t even predict. Therefore, it is recommended that you refer to a book created by the SSB Crack team.

  • As explained above, candidates who pass the written exam must report for the interview call.
  • The request to postpone the interview is only considered in a very genuine situation.
  • Even if it is administratively convenient that the Army / Air Force / Marine Corps headquarters is the sole decision-making body.
  • Such requests must be sent to the Selection Center / SSB from whom the candidate received the SSB interview phone.
  • Navy candidates can download a call letter from the Navy website or send an email to the naval officer “” three weeks after the results are published.

Interview schedule for the CDS 2 exam

The Service Selection Committee is an organization that programs, organizes, and conducts SSB interviews of candidates active in the Indian Army. The SSB will investigate vacant candidates in the Army, Navy and Air Force. The SSB interview is a five-day procedure and includes two-stage tests, Stage I and Stage II. Here, we update the details about the SSB interview.

Stage I: A Screening test

  • Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR)
  • Perceptual test and image description (PP and DT)


  • Psychology exam
  • Group test task (GTO task)
  • Interviews and meetings.

Best CDS Books by subject by subject

  • If you want to pass the CDS test, then it is a must that you do proper preparation and gives full time for this.
  • For this, you must have complete material for the preparation.
  • There are many Books for CDS 2019 in the market which contain only CDS matter.
  • You can buy them online and from shops also.
  • Also one can download the material for the preparation online, and most of the sites provide this material is free to download.

Below is a list of top CDS books that are best for the CDS exam preparation

CDS Exam (I) 2019: General English Books

General English exams are conducted to assess your understanding and understanding of English. A list of excellent standard books on English:

  1. High school English grammar and composition by Len and Martin.
  2. General English goal Bakshi by S.P. (Arihant Publishing).
  3. Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis.

CDS Exam (I) 2019: GK Books

If the applicant wants to improve the CDS test results, GK is a good segment. Candidates do not have to be memorizers to know the latest news and events. The candidate continues to update.

A list of excellent standard books on GK:

  1. General recognition by Manohar Panday (editor: Arihant Publications)
  2. Manorama yearbook
  3. Magazines like Platy Yogi Tadarpan
  4. Newspapers such as The Hindu, The Telegraph, And The Indian Express, etc. They help vocabulary and general recognition candidates.

CDS Exam (I) 2019: Book of Elementary Mathematics

The main part of the CDS exam is mathematics, which is learned by the applicant up to class 10. Applicants who do not handle this subject may be bit corrosion, so it is recommended to improve their math skills.

A list of excellent standard books on elementary mathematics:

  1. The math of C.D.S.R.S. Agarwal
  2. Quantitative suitability of competitive test by R.S.
  3. CDS Pathfinder by Arihant Publications.

These are some of the best Books for CDS Exam.

Preparing for UPSC CDS exam preparation with CDS Books

  • Start preparation. For different subject commands, you can assign appropriate time to all the topics subject-wise.
  • English is good, but G.K., assuming you are not so confident, you will need to spend more time in GK than in English.
  • Sufficient materials are available online.
  • The GK curriculum is endless. However, the candidate can also take the help of NCERT books.
  • A thorough investigation is sufficient for any situation.

CDS 2 2019 Health Check-up: If candidates take an SSB interview, they must undergo a detailed check-up. For the interview, one must pass the medical conditions.

Candidates must stay at the SSB center for at least one or two days to complete all necessary procedures. In order to be medically healthy, candidates must be physically and mentally healthy.

CDS 2 2019 final merit list

After the medical examination is completed, the board will announce the final merit list. Filter based on performance and health exam candidates.

CDS 2 2019 Training

  • All selected candidates receive rigorous military training and are deployed to carry out military missions in all-terrain, weather, and harsh conditions.
  • In such a situation, the health check-up of the members of the team may endanger the military operations or endanger the entire team’s life, so the health checks up are military in terrain, weather, and harsh conditions.
  • It is carried out to select candidates that are medically suitable to carry out the mission.

Salary scale: Cadets are approved fixed salary equivalent to Rs. 21,000 /-(Rs. 15,600 / -Rs. 5,400 / -grade pay) per month during training. The training period shall not be treated as a service. 

How to apply for CDS exam:

To apply for the CDS exam, one can download an online form for the website. Also, one can apply online for the CDS exam. So, if you fill the form of the CDS exam for the preparation of the exam, take the help of the CDS books mentioned above. These are some of the best books for CDS 2019.


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