Current Affairs Quiz

Current Affairs Quiz (English) For RRB NTPC :24-08-2019

1. Sembcorp who recently invested Rs. 521 crore in India is based on which country?
a) Malaysia
b) China
c) South Korea
d) Singapore
e) Hong Kong

2. What is the new name of the Hazratganj Chauraha as per the recent announcement by UP Government?
a) Nehru Chowk
b) Atal Chowk
c) Deendayal Chowk
d) Atal Bhawan
e) Atal Upwan

3. Name the Former Chelsea footballer who has announced his retirement from football at the age of 38 recently?
a) Philipp Lahm
b) Frank Lampard
c) Francesco Totti
d) Andrrea Pirlo
e) Ashley Cole

4. This year which Indian city will host the World Youth Chess Championship 2019?
a) Delhi
b) Mumbai
c) Chennai
d) Bangalore
e) Pune

5. In which category sprinter Hima Das has won the Gold at the Athletic Ky Mitink Reiter event in the Czech Republic?
a) 100 m rece
b) 200 m rece
c) 300 m rece
d) 400 m race
e) 500 m race

6. Recently which player has been suspended from all forms of cricket for a year by Afghanistan Cricket Board?
a) Rashid Khan
b) Gulbadin Naib
c) Mohammad Nabi
d) Mohammad Shahzad
e) Asghar Afghan

7. What is the duration of suspension that has been imposed on Mohammad Shahzad over breaching the ACB Code of Conduct?
a) 1 Year
b) 2 Year
c) 3 Year
d) 5 Year
e) 4 Year

8. Neelum Sharma who died recently was a famous:
a) Politician
b) News Anchor
c) Author
d) Singer
e) Artist

9. Senior journalist Neelum Sharma related to which channel?
a) Aaj Tak
b) India TV
d) Zee News
e) DD News

10. In which year Russia’s highest medal, the “Hero of Russia” was established?
a) 1980
b) 1985
c) 1990
d) 1992
e) 1995

Answers:- 1-(d), 2-(b), 3-(e), 4-(b), 5-(c), 6-(d), 7-(a), 8-(b), 9-(d),10-(d)


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