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SSC CGL 2019 Post-Wise Salary Structure 

Preparing for the SSC CGL exam? Then you must be keen to know about the salary of the students who are selected after qualifying for the exam for various posts. This is the right place to have the complete knowledge of the SSC CGL exam pattern and the SSC CGL salary for the various posts. In this article, we are going to discuss in brief about the SSC CGL officer salary.

The SSC CGL is one of the most reputed exams for which a huge number of aspirants appear every year and only a few thousand are selected from them. Now you could simply imagine the competition level of the exam. So, to make the selection of students, the SSC board has made the exam as a multiphase exam. In total, there are 4 tiers or phases of the exam, which are discussed in detail below:

Tier I: This is the preliminary stage of examination and this exam must be qualified every aspirant. The exam comprises four sections carrying equal weight and is of 60 minutes of duration.

Tier II: This is the mains exam which consists of two or three papers depending on the post you are applying for. The 2 exams are compulsory for all which are the quantitative aptitude and the English language.

Tier III: This examination consists of the descriptive test for testing the written ability of the student.

Tier IV: DEST and CPT are the two test which is included in this phase for checking the proficiency in typing and computer knowledge.

Now as you are aware of the exam pattern, let us move forward toward the SSC CGL salary structure. Once a student has qualified all the stages or the required stages for a specific post, he or she will be appointed for the post to which they are liable and based on this, their SSC CGL job salary is decided.

Here is the salary chart that will help you in knowing the salary structure better in detail. These details are as per the 8th pay commission for the pay grade of Pay Band – II Rs.9300-34800.

Code Post Ministries /Dept/Offices/Cadre Classification Grade Pay(GP)
A Assistant Section Officer Central Secretariat Service Group “B” 4600
B Assistant Central Vigilance Commission Group “B” 4600
C Assistant Intelligence Bureau Group “B” 4600
D Assistant Ministry of Railway Group “B” 4600
E Assistant Ministry of External Affairs Group “B” 4600
G Assistant AFHQ Group “B” 4600
H Assistant Assistant Other Ministries/Dept./Organisations Group “B” 4600
I Assistant Other Ministries/Dept./Organisations Group “B” 4200
J Inspector of Income Tax CBDT Group “C” 4600
K Inspector (Central Excise) 4200
L Inspector (Preventive Officer) CBEC Group “B” 4600
M Inspector(Examiner) 4200
N Assistant Enforcement Officer Directorate of Enforcement, Department of Revenue Group “B” 4600
O Sub Inspector Central Bureau of Investigation Group “B” 4200
P Inspector of Posts Department of Post Group “B” 4200
Q Divisional Accountant Offices under CAG Group “C” 4200
R Statistical Investigator Gr. II M/o Statistics & Program Implementation Group “B” 4200
S Inspector Central Bureau of Narcotics Group “B” 4200
% Sub Inspector National Investigation Agency(NIA) Group “B” 4200

The SSC CGL salary for the gazetted officer would be for those posts is given below:

Salary for Pay Band – II Rs.9300-34800 (Gazetted)

Code Post Ministries /Department/Offices/Cadre Classification Grade Pay(GP)
F* Assistant Audit Officer Indian Audit & Accounts Department under CAG Group “B” Gazetted (Non-Ministerial) 4800

And here is the salary distribution for the Pay Band – I: INR 5200-20200

Code Post Ministries /Dept/Offices/Cadre Classification Grade Pay(GP)
T Auditor Offices under C & AG Group “C” 2800
U Auditor Offices under CGDA Group “C” 2800
V Auditor Offices under CGA & others Group “C” 2800
W Accountant/Junior Accountant Offices under C & AG Group “C” 2800
X Accountant/Junior Accountant Offices under CGA & others Group “C” 2800
Y Senior Secretariat Assistant Central Govt. Offices/Ministries other than CSCS cadres Group “C” 2400
Z Tax Assistant CBDT Group “C” 2400
@ Tax Assistant CBEC Group “C” 2400
$ Compiler Registrar General of India Group “C” 2400
# Sub-Inspector Central Bureau of Narcotics Group “C” 2400

Not only the salary, but the SSC CGL officer will also get various allowances and perks. Let us have a look at the SSC CGL salary 2019 perks which an officer receives: 

HRA (house rent allowance): This is provided to each and every employee and is dependent on the location of your posting. If you are posted in a city other than your home city, then the government will be paying you the accommodation charges. As per the 7th pay commission for the metro cities, the HRA is 24% and for some cities, it is 16%.

Traveling allowance: This is the allowance given to the employees for compensating the charges and expenditure for travelling in the cities. On the basis of location, this allowance is also variable and the maximum TA is Rs. 3600 and the minimum is Rs. 1800.

Medical allowance: The government of India has a policy for the reimbursements of the expenses if the employee or his or her family member is going under medical treatment.

Job security: So as the students have done a lot of hard work to get appointed to a specific post, the government offers lifetime security to the job. No economic conditions can hamper your job with the government.

Pension: This is the service that makes the govt jobs more preferable over private jobs. You will be paid from the work time collected provident fund even if you have retired and you can enjoy this fund lifetime.

So how would you calculate the total salary that will you get in your hands? We can cite an example here for your grade pay of 4600 and class X city which is Delhi.

The basic pay will be 44,900 and now you will be getting add on allowances as:

  • HRA 24 % of the basic pay which equals to be Rs 10,776 for the class x city.
  • Dearness allowance will be zero.
  • Transport allowance of Rs 3600.

And now you can calculate your gross pay:

  • Gross pay- the sum of allowances and basic pay

Also, there will be some deductions from the pay as:

  • NPS- 10 percent of the basic pay is deducted
  • PF- 12 % of salary
  • TDS
  • Education cess- 3 %

So in order to calculate the in hand SSC CGL Salary  In hand salary= gross salary-total deductions. These are the SSC CGL posts salary that a candidate will start receiving after the successful selection on any of the posts under the SSC CGL.



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