1st-ever spacecraft MEV-1 that can service satellites in space launched

अंतरिक्ष में सैटेलाइट की मरम्मत करने वाला पहला स्पेसक्राफ्ट MEV-1 किया गया लॉन्च

Points to Remember:

  • First satellite-servicing spacecraft Mission Extension Vehicle-1 (MEV-1), made by aerospace company Northrop Grumman, was successfully launched aboard a Russian Proton rocket.
  • MEV-1 has a dedicated mission to extend the useful life of 18-year-old satellite Intelsat 901 by up to five years.
  • Northrop Grumman said that the spacecraft is itself designed for a 15-year useful life and can dock and undock multiple times.

About Northrop Grumman:

  • Northrop Grumman Corporation is an American global aerospace and defense technology company.
  • Founded: 1994
  • Headquarters: Virginia, United States
  • President and CEO: Kathy J. Warden
Important Possible questions based on above News:
  1. Recently the first satellite service spacecraft ‘MEV-1’ was launched via which rocket? Proton
  2. Name the first satellite service spacecraft, which has been recently launched by aerospace company Northrop Grumman? Mission Extension Vehicle-1 (MEV-1)


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