SBI PO 2019 Salary

SBI ने इस साल 5 वीं बार उधार दर में 10 बीपीएस की कटौती की

SBI PO Salary Structure, Allowances & Other Benefits 2019

Receiving the desired position with excellent pay and most protection is what every candidate wishes for. Bank jobs are most inquired after jobs in India.

In an office or an organization, few things work on the working people as well as on the growth of the whole company. These terms are the salary, compensation and the classification developed by progression and increase. Every executive working in a company is trying to earn their daily costs and everything by working there. This is worth mentioning that perks and other advantages that are given by SBI are supposed to be the most distinguished as contrasted to other banking institutions.

SBI PO is one of the most known and reputed job considered. It comes just after RBI because of its up-to-date advancements and payment system allowed by SBI. The facilities that SBI bank gives to their executives it is one of the highest and expected than other banks. It attracts the number of candidates towards this institution. 

With this increment, SBI in 2019, is about to change the lives of many working executives. SBI PO salary is more and gives the strength of finance than any other PO jobs.

This complete content is dedicated to the salary segments and growth characterization of SBI PO 2019. Except for the basic pay, other incentives change from place to place. Those who are posted in a municipal city or X city( Mumbai, Chennai, Calcutta, and Delhi) hold the most leading among all. We will discuss the salary of the SBI PO salary structure below.

Salary of SBI PO and other advantages:

Right now the starting salary of a PO of SBI bank is 27,620/– (with 4 allowance increases) in the scale of 23700-980/7-30560-1145/2-32850-1310/7-42020 appropriate to Junior Management Grade Scale-I.

A personage working as a Probationary Officer with SBI will also be suitable for D.A, H.R.A/ Lease Rental, C.CA, medical and other adjustments & perks as the rules made with time.

The total payment will be a minimum of RS. 8.20 Lacs per year( On the basis of per annum CTC) and a culmination of 13.08 Lacs which depends on the placement of a scale 1 officer.

Below statements will show an overview of the SBI clerk salary and promotion:

BASIC PAY OF SBI PO 2019: Rs. 27620/– (4 Increments also applicable).

DA( Dearness allowance)– 46.9% of the Basic Pay (Revised Quarterly).

C.C.A- Varies from place to place (3%-4% of Basic pay).

H.R.A– 7%-9% depends on the place of posting.

Medical Allowance– 100% for the employee and 75% for the family members.

Traveling allowance- Reimbursement of fare for office purposes only.

Monthly Benefits- Newspaper, petrol, books, and magazines, entertainment, reimbursement of telephone and other allowances that may cost up to RS.5000.

Other Benefits- Housing loan, car loan and personal loan at a concessionary rate of interest.

Furniture Allowance- May go up to 1,20,000.

A point to be noted here is when the expansion is high, DA goes up and when it falls down, DA goes down. Presently it is more than 100% of the SBI PO Basic Pay.

SBI PO Promotion Opportunity:

All SBI POs will go through an ordeal period of 2 years to grasp the basic banking details like managing clerical action, bank statements opening, customer service, processing or passing of loans, etc. They will be taught retail and rural banking. Preparing to scale 1 officer may also be implemented at SBI training institutes. After doing this period, they will go through another screening process, if passed attendants may be promoted to Grade II officer scale.

SBI Clerk has a tremendous increase in possibilities that are more useful than clerks of any other management banks and they can move as great as General Manager. Nevertheless, based on the appointments, there will be specific qualification standards they must reach. Also, they will have to perform for certain exams and/or interviews.

As you can observe, the SBI Clerk is a surpassing job to inaugurate your banking occupation. The SBI Clerk Recompense is satisfactory rather than an entry-level government job. The other privileges and increase possibilities too make it one of the most critical jobs in India.


  • The principal duty will be to deal with client complaints. To conduct them and give them an efficient resolution to the difficulty they are meeting with their statements.
  • An SBI executive will be authorized to multiple obligations that cover work on film stands for cash withdrawal, cashier.
  • He/she should have to increase the expertise on commercial conventions such as composing a cheque, demand draft, etc.
  • An SBI Junior Partner has to also look next to the terminal end work of the office such as stability tallying, data entry, ledger maintenance, etc.
  • There is also a transaction perspective to the job of an SBI officer, he/she will need to cross-sell insurance and different varieties of outputs, banking services and advice better expenditure plans to the clients.

SBI PO advantages:

This bank does not have only a good SBI PO in salary but also many other incentives. State Bank of India is the premier bank in the country that has introduced to attempt a SMART salary combination to its representatives which will allow the organization to decide according to their requirements.

Despite this, the related is still not supported by the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. Apart from innovative employee-friendly standards, the bank has one of the most desirable entry-level recompense aggregates in the industry.

  • Good salary rate to ensure the perfect payment for their works.
  • Higher growth of career will ensure that they become promoted with time according to their performance.
  • Other incentives which are mentioned above are extra perks that will lead them to become the best among everyone.
  • SBI ensures a number of leaves from work to its executives such as casual leaves, privilege leaves, medical leaves, extra-ordinary leaves, etc.
  • SBI covers a big medical health package to its employees. It covers 100% treatment for the ‘self’ and 75% of the expenses incurred in case of the dependents.
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