SBI Clerk 2019 Salary

SBI Clerk In Hand Salary 2019: Allowances and Benefits

It is a dream for people to get a job with great pay and maximum security and this is what every aspirant dreams. Bank jobs are considered to be most sought after job in India. An entry post in a bank is the clerk post. If you are the person who can work hard may end up with key positions in big level corporate.

Overall, Bank jobs are considered to be one of the challenging and keys jobs in India. In this post, we will discuss the SBI clerk Salary, benefits, allowance, job profile and growth. So, aspirants who are interested to know about the in have allowance, and salary of SBI clerk, one should read this post till the end and get information on SBI clerk Salary and promotion.

State Bank of India or SBI is going to publish on their website about the recruitment notification for SBI clerk officer exam held every year. SBI Clerk Exam is the topmost demanding vacancy in India which comes at the second position.

SO, in this blog we will discuss the topmost SBI Exam 2019, we will talk about the latest “ SBI clerk salary in hand” along with the benefits, facilities details, increments and allowances etc. All the candidates who would like to become a clerk officer in State Bank of India need to be familiar with all the details about SBI Clerk Salary? And What is the job profile of Clerk in SBI? Etc. So without more summary lets go to the topic.

SBI Clerk Salary Details.

A person may be a clerk in SBI bank or in some other bank, A person plays the same role in every institution if we discuss the Jobs and Duties. Since SBI has made an extension in every place in India, SBI’s Clerk faces a lot of pressure. A huge crowd also faces the pressure of SBI exam too.

Salary of SBI clerk

  • Basic SBI Salary of Fresher Clerk is Rs 11,765
  • Dearness Allowance is Rs 5312.
  • Transport Allowance is Rs 425
  • House rent Allowance is Rs 1800
  • City Compensatory Allowance is around 4-5 per cent of the basic salary.
  • There is an increment in the salary as the seniority grows. Payscale increases with seniority.
    • SBI Basic Salary after three years will be Rs 13,730
    • Revised clerk salary of SBI after 6 years is Rs 16,715
    • Basic Salary after seven years of SBI clerk is Rs 20,905
    • SBI clerk pay scale after more than seven years: Rs 28,110
    • Revised Salary of SBI clerk after 14 years: Rs 31,450
  • Still, it is the prestige feeling in itself as the SBI clerk salary enhances and enriches and perks for the SBI clerks increased day wise, thus it increases the overall personality, standard of living and dignity.
  • From the very much beginning, when SBI got some existence, there was very positive remark and goodwill hallmark for SBI in minds of citizens in India.
  • It is because it provided non stop solutions and fast service to the customers available in rural and urban cities of India. People feel proud to be part of SBI since it is not only about the perfume in their dignity job but it also enhances, employees personality and overall standard of living.
  • SBI is different from a large number of bank Institutions. The main reason behind it is Salary. If you know, there is a salary cap of around 2000 rs which makes a difference between other banks and SBI. SO basic questions that every SBI aspirant ask are following.
    • What is the salary of SBI Clerk?
    • How much is the revision in SBI Clerk Salary?
    • What are the SBI Clerk Growth opportunities in the career?

What is SBI clerk Gross Salary?

An overall package for an employee is the gross salary which he earns from his jobs without and deductions are undertaken. This salary does not include any provident fund, taxes or extra expenses deduction. An employee earn on a monthly or yearly basis. In SBI, the gross salary of the person who is the junior clerk associate is around 20k.

What is the Basic Salary of SBI clerk?

So, the salary of SBI clerk is fixed, it may be core and a basic one for each employee in the same cadre. The salary should be given to every same category employee and it is mandatory to give every employee a salary even if the employee does not perform well in the business, or achieved bonus or any promotions. This salary amount is fixed and it is recognized by the SBI Organization. According to the bank, Rs 11,765 is the SBI Clerk Basic Salary.

SBI Clerk In Hand Salary

SO, as the name is self-explanatory, the salary amount which is received in hand by the employee by the employer. In hand, salary is the salary after all the deductions is made and it may be expected or associated deduction. Many deductions can be related to provident funds or other different taxes. SBI Clerk cash in hand salary is around Rs 19000, it is the average as their salary.

SBI Clerk Salary 2019



Basic Pay Rs.11765/-
Special Allowance Rs.911.79/-
DA Rs.5311.58/-
CCA Rs. 0/-
Transport Allowance Rs.425/-
Total (without HRA) Rs.18413.37/-
HRA Rs.1176.5/-

Gross with HRA


SBI Clerk Perks And Allowances

Some of the perks of SBI clerk Includes:

  • A medical cover: SBI pays around 100% cost for the medical treatment of employees such as clerk and 75% for the registered family members.
  • Travel allowance: SBI clerks or any bank Clerks gets the travel allowance in which clerk and family members travel in Tier-II AC train through India for Holidays. And Banks provides the accommodation at the locations where the organization has guesthouses.
  • Petrol Allowance
  • Newspaper and Magazine Allowance
  • Entertainment allowance
  • House Maintenance Allowance

And many more perks are given to SBI Clerk.

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