Knowledge Bytes(English) For IBPS Clerk Mains 2019-20 : 21-09-2019

Knowledge Bytes

Knowledge Bytes(English) For IBPS Clerk Mains 2019-20 : 21-09-2019

1. With whom ISRO has signed pact for Gaganyaan project? DRDO

2. The 5th International Ramayana Festival (IRF-2019) was held in which city? Delhi

3. Which state government has decided to declare 2020 as Year of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Telangana

4. Karan Vandana is a new hybrid variety of which crop? Wheat

5. Which Union Ministry has launched the common digital platform for the issuance of electronic Certificates of Origin (CoO)? Ministry of Commerce and Industry

6. Which state government has decided to carry out bio-fencing to reduce human-animal conflict? Uttarakhand

7. The National Centre for Clean Coal Research and Development (NCCCR&D) was launched in which city? Bengaluru

8. On which date, the 2019 edition of World Bamboo Day (WBD) is celebrated? 18 Sep

9. What is the theme of the 2019 edition of International Day of Democracy? Participation

10. Who is the author of the book “The Cousins Thackeray: Uddhav, Raj and the Shadow of their Senas”? Dhaval Kulkarni

11. Which Payment Bank has launched ‘Bharosa savings account’ ? Airtel payment Bank

12. Which state government has launched Mukhya Mantri Seva Sankalp Helpline 1100? Himachal Pradesh

13. SITMEX 19 commenced at _________. Port Blair

14. Who became the first defence minister to fly in Tejas fighter aircraft? Rajnath Singh

15. Union Government inaugurates ____________power projects in Jammu and Kashmir. 15


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