Knowledge Bytes(English) For IBPS Clerk Mains 2019-20 : 20-09-2019

Knowledge Bytes

Knowledge Bytes(English) For IBPS Clerk Mains 2019-20 : 20-09-2019


1. Recently in which category, Vinesh Phogat has secured India’s first Olympic quota for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics? 53 kg freestyle category

2. What is the name of a newly-found giant salamander species, believed to be the world’s largest amphibian? Andrias sligoi

3. As per recent Indian government decision, sales of e-cigarettes will be punishable with jail term of ___ for thefirst-time offenders. One year

4. In India, Storage of electronic-cigarettes shall be punishable with an imprisonment up to ___. 6 months

5. Which documentary film based on the struggle of a farmer in a remote Himalayan village, has been selected as an entry to Oscars 2019? Moti Bagh

6. Name the director of ‘Moti Bagh’ a documentary film, which has been nominated for the Oscars 2019? Nirmal Chander Dandriyal

7. Which country has unveiled South Asia’s tallest tower, the Lotus Tower? Sri Lanka

8. Who is the current Prime Minister of Sri Lanka? Ranil Wickremesinghe

9. SITMEX-19 is a maiden trilateral naval exercise between which three countries? Singapore India & Thailand
10. Who has been named new CEO of HTC Corporation after Cher Wang steps down? Yves Maitre

11. Who is the current Chairperson of HTC Corporation? Cher Wang

12. Who has been appointed as the Chairman and Managing Director of Cognizant India? Ramkumar Ramamoorthy

13. Who is the current CEO of Cognizant Technology Solutions?  Brian Humphries

14. Which movie was named Best Picture at the 20th International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA)? Raazi

15. Who has received the Best Actress award at the 20th IIFA Awards?  Alia Bhatt

16. Ranveer Singh won Best Actor award at the 20th IIFA Awards for ____.  ‘Padmaavat’

17. Who has been named as the US’ new National Security Adviser (NSA)? Robert C O’Brien

18. Who is the current Vice President of United States of America (USA)? Mike Pence

19. Who has become the first Indian wrestler to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics? Vinesh Phogat

20. Which Indian Wrestler has won bronze in the 53-kg category in the 2019 World Wrestling Championships? Vinesh Phogat


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