Sitting Arrangement Puzzle Questions For IBPS PO Pre 2019 : 07-09-2019


Sitting Arrangement Puzzle Questions For IBPS PO Pre 2019 : 07-09-2019


Direction Q.(1-5) Study the following information carefully to answer the question given below.
Nine persons i.e. Jimmy, Kashish, Lalita, Meenakshi,Nancy, Omi, Pragya, Qamini and Rashmi are living in ten floored building in which one floor is vacant. Ground floor is numbered as 1, first floor is numbered as 2 and so on until topmost floor is numbered as 10. There are four floors gap between Kashish and Meenakshi. Nancy lives at prime numbered floor. There are two floors gap between Nancy and Jimmy. Rashmi lives immediate above Meenakshi who doesn’t live in odd numbered floor. There are as many floors above Qamini as below Omi. Pragya lives immediate below Qamini. Lalita lives immediate above the vacant floor. There are two floors gap between Pragya and Nancy.

Q.1 How many persons are lives between Meenakshi and Qamini?
(1) No one
(2) Four
(3) Six
(4) Three
(5) None of these

Q.2 Who lives at the top floor?
(1) Rashmi
(2) Meenakshi
(3) Floor is vacant.
(4) Jimmy
(5) None of these

Q.3 Who lives immediate above Nancy?
(1) Omi
(2) Meenakshi
(3) Qamini
(4) Pragya
(5) None of these

Q.4 Which of the following option is correct?
(1) Qamini lives on fourth floor.
(2) Rashmi lives just above Nancy.
(3) Second floor is vacant floor.
(4) Kashish lives immediate below Omi.
(5) None is true.

Q.5 Four of the following five are alike in a certain way based on their position. Which of the following does not belongs to that group?
(1) Kashish
(2) Nancy
(3) Rashmi
(4) Omi
(5) Qamini

Sitting arrangement:

Direction Q.(6-10) Study the following information carefully toanswer the question given below-
There are eight persons namely Abhinav, Bhupendra , Prateek , Rachit ,Tushar , Sohail ,Vijay and Zeeshan sits around the circular table and all of them faces inside of the table. Also, each of them likes a different number i.e 5, 7, 18, 8, 10, 16, 21 and 15, but not necessarily in the same order. The person, who like 21 number sits second to the right of Abhinav. Vijay sits opposite to Tushar.Immediate neighbor of Abhinav sits opposite to Bhupendra, who likes a number which is a perfect cube. Sohail sits third to the left of Prateek, who likes that number which is multiple of 5. Abhinav like 15 number and sits second to the right of that person, who like 18 number. Immediate neighbor of Prateek likes 8 number. Tushar likes 16 number and sits next to Prateek. Vijay sits immediate right of Zeeshan, who sits opposite to Rachit. The number like by Prateek is 2 times the number like by Vijay.

Q.6 Who is sitting third to the left of Prateek?
(1) Vijay
(2) Sohail
(3) Rachit
(4) Zeeshan
(5) None of these

Q.7 Who like number 15?
(1) Abhinav
(2) Bhupendra
(3) Rachit
(4) Tushar
(5) None of these

Q.8 Who is sitting second to the left of one who like number 18?
(1) Tushar
(2) Abhinav
(3) Prateek
(4) Sohail
(5) None of these

Q.9 How many person are sitting between Rachit and one who like number 16 (when counted from left of Rachit)?
(1) No one
(2) one
(3) two
(4) Three
(5) More than thre

Q.10 Which of the following option is true?
(1) Prateek is sitting immediate right of Rachit
(2) Vijay like number 5.
(3) Bhupendra is sitting opposite to Vijay.
(4) Sohail and Tushar are immediate neighbours.
(5) None is true.



Ans.2(4) Jimmy
Ans.3(2) Meenakshi
Ans.5(4) Omi




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